Pineapple Cat

He's cute...He's silly...He's got a Pineapple hat...And he's coming with an ARMY of PICA Warriors to take over Base 😽

Tokenomics 🐱

  • 0% Buy Tax 0% Sell Tax

  • Contract Renounced

  • LP Locked Forever @ OnlyMoons

  • 10 Billion Token Supply

Our Goal is Simple

We are on a mission to unite Pineapples and Cats around the world! 🍍 🤝 😽And bring thousands of PICA Warriors Onchain to Base!

Origin of PICA

PICA was born from a viral meme on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube.He now lives on Base and is building an army of PICA Warriors to help him rise to the top!CA: 0xa4dc5a82839a148ff172b5b8ba9d52e681fd2261

the pineapple stays ON :)

Contact: [email protected]

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